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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
I did the test while both ships are at full speed. This is the same character, mind you.
Full speed isn't the same as having the same impulse speed.

Turn rate is affected by your ships inertia (lower means lower turn and impulse speed) and your ship's impulse speed.

Those are additional modifiers to your turn rate.

You can look at what your impulse speed by bringing up your character sheet and looking at the movement tab. Or, you can hover your mouse over the impulse slider bar.

I'm doubtful that your Galaxy Dreadnought has the same impulse as your Chimera.

It's very easy to test this.

Go to the Sol System (not sector space). Set your power settings to something like Offensive or Defensive mode. Go at your fastest speed without going into max impulse and check your character sheet (movement tab). It should tell what your max impulse speed and turn rate is (without diverting all power to your engines).

Switch to Speed mode, which will set your engine power to 100. You'll now see your turn rate and impulse speed increase.

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