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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Enough. Enough with these kinds of threads. The Chimera is a HEAVY DESTROYER. It's supposed to be able to turn better than your Gal-X. It still is outstripped by escorts of course, but seriously. You gotta get off your high horse already. The Chimera probably also gets a better passive boost because you need to pay $300 (or 200 if you got the discount) for it. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE BETTER THAN YOUR DREADNAUGHT. Why don't you stop trying to play a cruiser like an escort, and either A) Play your cruiser like a cruiser, or B) Get a bloody escort and stop complaining.
The current turn rate for the Galaxy brand and the likes there of is not a canon turn rate for a cruiser in Star Trek, so you trying to acuse us of trying to play like an escort is baseless. The gap between bonuses added by skill trees should be fair and not artificially crippled to make certain other ships seem more attractive. That destroys the credability of this game being a Star Trek game. Many of us, minus yourself, have put up some numbers and math to debate. Pointing fingers and trying to start a fight between cruiser players and escort players is uncalled for in this thread. It shows that you are one sided and want to stay dominate over other types of ships. I don't want your stinking bloody, escort, so go start an escort enthusiast thread somewhere else.