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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
He is not right because he didn't read the whole thread where I mentioned testing with other ships, and he didn't put any debatable numbers but just yell out his point of view.
Yes, please, disregard my post about being a cruiser pilot. Contrary to common belief, I actually read ENTIRE threads before posting. Not doing so would be an insult if I responded. I looked at the numbers. I looked at what you were asking, and at your testing. And I say again, the Chimera is a LTS ship ONLY. You pay an arm and a leg for it (300 dollars? really? Or 1000 days worth of monthly subscription. Really?) and as such, you get a ship that can perform at that level.

You are asking for other ships that not only do not have that level of commitment into the game to be able to perform that well, but that a ship that required that level of commitment be nerfed to match a regular ship. That isn't right bro.
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