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Wow dude. Just wow. I am an Engineering Captain who flies a fkin Odyssey. That thing is a space whale. I AM A CRUISER PILOT (or did you miss the cruiser thread I started a few weeks ago? Or the fact I have posted in support of cruisers on almost every thread that included them?). I don't fly escorts unless I absolutely have to. And look at it this way. LIFETIME SUBSCRIBERS will always get the best stuff. They had to pay quite a bit to get said heavy destroyers. And those are heavy destroyers. Their name alone implies combat based. And you need to move around to do combat. And the Dreadnaught can CLOAK. It's designed for ambush nuking, not dogfighting. And I have put up numbers. Look at my thread and all the other threads I posted in involving cruisers. I have put up calculations, numbers, suggestions.

So please, before making a fool of yourself, please at least have proper false information to back it up so you don't seem like an overblown windbag that sees only his own ideas. This is not Burger King, you cannot have it your way.
"The Chimera probably also gets a better passive boost because you need to pay $300 (or 200 if you got the discount) for it. OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE BETTER THAN YOUR DREADNAUGHT. Why don't you stop trying to play a cruiser like an escort, and either A) Play your cruiser like a cruiser, or B) Get a bloody escort and stop complaining."

Well from those words it appeared otherwise. You said "bloody", I said "stinking,"
one is not more rude than the other. Bloody doesn't make it sound less rude just because it came out of your mouth.

Its like you are bent on starting a fight, period. You thought i was going to crawl uder a rock with my tail between my legs because you spoke rude first? Since I am so much of a "windbag" on my own thread, even when I did the test and put up numbers and you didn't put up crap, I will ignore anything you have to say, because you are irrellvant.

Note the Odyssey is one cruiser that got revamped because of the mass outrage over the ship's low power rating and squishingness and turn rate. Now they have 3 C-store versions that can be combined into one with added power for engines, shields, weapons, and healing over all the other cruisers. I flew all the cruisers and looked at the varius differences. The Galaxy Brands are the most crippled out of all the cruisers. Flying the STO's favored cruiser by Devs don't really speak to the shortfalls of the cruiser group as a whole.