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Its like you are bent on starting a fight, period. You thought i was going to crawl uder a rock with my tail between my legs because you spoke rude first? Since I am so much of a "windbag" on my own thread, even when I did the test and put up numbers and you didn't put up crap, I will ignore anything you have to say, because you are irrellvant.

Note the Odyssey is one cruiser that got revamped because of the mass outrage over the ship's low power rating and squishingness and turn rate. Now they have 3 C-store versions that can be combined into one with added power for engines, shields, weapons, and healing over all the other cruisers. I flew all the cruisers and looked at the varius differences. The Galaxy Brands are the most crippled out of all the cruisers. Flying the STO's favored cruiser by Devs don't really speak to the shortfalls of the cruiser group as a whole.
Not really bent on starting a fight. More like confused as to why you refuse to see reason. It's like you say anyone who doesn't agree with you doesn't know what they are talking about. I am trying to see your point of view, really I am. But when you don't seem to be even open to the possibility of something you said being wrong, I find it hard to put any validity to any arguments you make. If you only see one side, you'll never be able to look at the whole.

As for the Odyssey? I only recently got that. Up until then I was flying an Assault Cruiser. The free one. And a shovel out of boredom. Again, one that has identical stats to the Sovereign. So I think I can speak pretty well on how cruisers perform as a whole.

You need to understand, money talks. You pay a ton of money to get access to the Chimera, and quite a nice chunk of change to get access to the best ships in the game. Look at the Odyssey, arguably the best federation cruiser. It costs $50 to get all 3 so you can design the ship of your choice. And after your apparent bias against the Oddy, I'll instead take the Regent. That's a ship designed for combat, and does it well from what I've seen. It costs $25. Now look at the Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit, arguably the best federation escort. To get everything that particular ship has to offer, you have to pay $35 ($10 for the refit, $20 for the retrofit, $5 for a fleet module, or 5 mil ec on the exchange). And lastly the Science vessels. All the fleet ones cost up to $20, plus however much you may have paid for a c-store ship. Even the Atrox, arguably one of the best science tanks, costs $25.

Taking all that into account, you now have the Chimera, a $300 dollar ship. It kind of makes sense that a ship that costs that much, with only 9 consoles, would make up for it with huge performance potential/capability.
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