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Well I'm the same, I won't call you a coward for turning me down under any circumstances (I'm not like that).

My point is that the RA Excelsior should have something over the CMDR version to show for the extra boff skills and consoles but it doesn't in terms of shield tanking or in damage output... Strange don't you think?
It may be that there were additional factors in play, like buffs and debuffs (which are esp prevailant in stfs). I would recommend you test both ships in a sterile environment (1v1 match against a target dummy ship), and that should put the damage output question to rest.

As for the damage soak ability? Again, use a sterile environment and have someone attack you, and you just defend yourself (without shooting back, by defend, I mean use buffs and debuffs etc). Whichever of your ships takes longer to die, provided your shooter does the same thing, will prove that test.

As for shield tanking, if your ships have the same shield mod, of course they will be able to shield tank the same. But the thing with cruisers is that we hull tank. And THAT is where you WILL notice a difference between the Cmdr and RA versions.
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