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10-12-2012, 12:47 PM
just had an interesting infected elite run with 5 cruisers. A Galaxy X (tac captain), all beam array. an assault cruiser (science captain), a tac oddy (engi captain), Starcruiser (engi captain) and myself in an oddy starcruiser (engi)

guess what...the team blew through that infected with 2 min left at the end. And i have to say we were actually only 4 since the starcruiser came in with multiple red injuries and was dead 70% of the time.

so much for cruiser and/or beam array firepower.

PS: i would like to think it was because of me, but it wasn't. That galaxy X captain plowed through those spheres with his beams like an escort. I had the honor of tanking, but failed 2 times due to 1 invis torpedo and one phone call.
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