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06-23-2009, 02:53 PM
Over all I don't mind that they don't talk about Klingons so much in these things. But, I would really like to know what the starter ships is. If Cryptic doesn't know, they could just say that isn't decided yet. That would be good just to know they care.

And in regard to cloaking, the Federation will not have free access to the technology. If we gave the Federation access to cloaking, itís all anyone would use, and thatís not the type of gameplay we envision when we think of Star Trek. Klingons, of course, will have access to cloaking, and the Federation will have access to cloak detection. Science vessels will be very good at detecting cloaked ships, so if youíre in a PvP situation, youíre probably going to want really good science vessels on your team. You wonít feel like youíre missing out on the Federation side just because you canít cloak.
Thanks for answering my question. This answer makes me so happy I would explode. I was worried that you would give cloaking to all the ships and I agree that isn't ST. I am also happy that the Feds will have a good counter because cloaks being a I win button is not fun. However, that just means that thous science ships have a large target painted on them now