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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post
Previously having been a Funcom player, Anarchy Online (for many years) and Age of Conan, I can assure you that these content updates are not the standard opperating procedure for Funcom. Indeed it has been the norm for very long gaps between content updates, let alone the long gaps between bug fixes.

All these recent Contet updates could be just stuff they already had made, or were finishing when the launch date arrived, and simply didn't make the deadline.
They could have intentionally held them back for the illusion of rapid content development.
Or it could indicate a change in direction concerning what they feel they need to do to deliver a product with serious longevity.

I'm sure that they did have much of the post launch monthly issues developed in advanced and held them back while they continue to work of future ones. That way they stay several months ahead of the curve.

As it is, people were maxing their characters within the first 30 days. Issue #1 "Unleashed" cam out before the fist 30 days were over, while people were still in their free month. Issue #2 "Digging Deeper" was scheduled to release before the end of the second 30 days. But because of the layoffs and subsequent re-organization of the team, it got delayed. Then they ran into a major gamebreaking bug that was discovered the day of the rescheduled release. And from what I understand, it was a nasty one that was very hard to track down and would have been an open door to a big exploit. Issue 2 released in the latter half of the third 30 day period. But then just a few days later they released Issue #3 "The Cat God". So this suggests that yes. The mission content has been developed in advance and intended to be doled out every month so there will always be something new each month. The bug in Issue 2 was related to the new mechanics they were releasing in addition to the mission content. And Issue #4 "Big Trouble in the Big Apple" is on track to be delivered before the end of October. Issues 5 and 6 are expected in November and December respectively...

If Cryptic were to adopt a monthly content development process in a similar way, and use it to showcase the things we can get on the C-store, Lobi Store and in Lockboxes, then they can drive sales while growing their game.

I know... It won't happen...
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