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Originally Posted by lostusthorn View Post
That is simply wrong. Inertia effects how much your ship lags behind changes in movement. The higher the ships inertia score the faster it reacts to changes in speed.
Impulse speed has nothing to do with it. Thats what the impulse modifier is for.
Ahh, that's right.

I forgot that ships have their own Impulse modifier as well.

In any case, impulse speed still plays a role in turning rate. Since ships have different impulse modifiers, the turning rate will be different depending on the ship.

Comparing "max impulse to max turning rate" isn't going to give you the same ratio. Saying you're getting 2x the turning rate out of the Chimera versus a Galaxy has more to do with ALL of the modifiers in play. Not just what is stated on the ship's description and your engines.

Essentially, you're looking at an equation that includes the ship's stated turn rate, turn rate of the engines, inertia, impulse modifier, and consoles.