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10-12-2012, 01:48 PM
It'll be easier at higher levels, loot (especially deflectors, shields, and engines) is worth a lot more, even if you're just throwing it down the replicator.

My usual way to fund projects is to buy master keys on the exchange when the price dips to the 600-900k range, and dump them back the day a new lockbox is added. Prices usually spike to 2-2.5 million that day.

But, yeah, you'll need some capital to start that, not really an immediate option for you. We just had a new lockbox, though, so it'll be a few months before that's an option, and by then you might be able to swing a few keys.

Duty officers are selling like crazy right now. It's come down somewhat since season 6 first came out, but it's still pretty high - some specializations are a pretty easy 30-50,000 even for a common. Fleets burn thousands of common and hundreds of uncommon doffs on progress, and even bigger fleets can have trouble keeping up just by recruitment. You can set up an alt, get them to level 6, and park at the academy to just farm doff recruitment, then sell them off and put the EC you gain in the account bank so your main can access it.

You can also use the reassign underperforming officers option to trade in white doffs for higher quality ones. Takes a while, but you can reliably generate purple doffs this way, many of which sell for a few million.

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