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10-12-2012, 02:57 PM
I f you own the Defiant R already, you should get the Fleet Defiant as it will only cost you 1 Fleet ship module (500 zen or 5mil EC off exchange) most decent size fleets should be able to access the Fleet Defiant by now as it needs a tier 3 Fleet starbase shipyard.

Owning the Multivector also lets you get a Fleet version for 1 module but it takes a tier 4 shipyard and I doubt many fleets if any have that yet.

Both of these ships get 5 tac console and increased hull over their z-store versions and are good choices

Armitage also has a fleet version that gets a 4th eng console and increased hull but is a very long way away since it needs t5 shipyard, but even without the Fleet version yet it is still a great choice since the pets add damage to an already high dps ship.

Another excellent escort is called the Fleet Patrol escort, probably the tankiest escort of all
it is an upgraded version of what used to be called the "Fleet Escort" now known as the patrol escort. Unfortunatley there is no z-store version of this so buying the Fleet Patrol escort requires 4 fleet ship modules but only needs t1 shipyard so any fleet should be able to access it.

I recomend any of these it just depends how much you want to spend and what tier shipyard you have access too.