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10-12-2012, 03:04 PM
Originally Posted by nalo View Post
IDK it seems that cryptic has hit a wall and is afraid to release new content to theZ-Store as there are so many ways to get free Z-Points. So imho I'd say that the Z-Store is very low on the list of priorities like under the next Lobi/Lockbox update....

* Yes I would buy it as I would also want some of the many other packs they could release but havent
There are no ways to get free z. There are only ways to get somebody elso buy z for you. Every z spent on the cstore is a z that PWE/Cryptic got paid for, be it by a direct customer, a stipend for a subscriber, or a marketing company offering z for scams... I mean, surveys.... Z obtained by trading dilithium for z originated all from one of those sources.

And, like many people - I might not get an Alien pack, but I would absolutely buy a HAIRSTYLE pack!