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Till level 50, do missions and sell items you don't or won't use.

When you reach level 50 go grind Tour the Galaxy event. It usually happens once a day.
Why level 50? Because you'll get better sector speed. Yes, you can go earlier, but the cash is not so good for lower levels. Higher level you are, more cash you get on the event. It's not a bug but is per design.

Can you make much EC? Yes you can, at least a million if level 50 during the event.
Is there a trick? Yes, there is. You won't do the complete tour but will visit only 3 sectors, then drop the quest, retake the quest, again make those three sectors, etc, every 5-6 mins you grab cca 150K.
1. All you need is to take Doomsday Device mission (replay) prior to the event. When you take the Tour quest, warp at DoomsdayD initial spot (you pay 100EC for that), from there go visit ONLY Orellius block, then warp back to DoomsdayD spot, go visit Gamma Orionis and Pelia. After that warp back on Earthdock and retake the quest, repeat the process.
2. If you have a ship with advanced "speed", any oddy for example, you can spread your area on one more sector - Eta Eridani, but you'll have to activate a replay on one more mission in that sector for the best result.
3. The third essential thing is to put at least uncommon (green) Astrometrics Scientist duty officer on your space duty. Rare one (blue) is even better. Why? Because he'll make sure you can transwarp back to Sol (shortens transwarp cooldowns). If you don't have such DoFF or can't buy one at the exchange, don't worry. Besides Doomstay mission just activate also Stranded in Space mission and when needed warp on it - it'll bring you to Azura ship which is just next to Sol System.

Looks complicated? Try it once and you'll see it's not that complicated. If you however wish to check other possibilities on that event, do pls check this article on STOwiki:
There are also probably some more reads on the matter on this forum.

The game is designed in a way you can't easily grab a million before you get to level 50. If you want to reach level 50 faster, don't do only story missions but seek for patrols in systems, they give you much XP. On the other hand, story missions give you nifty rewards - uncommon and rare items are guaranteed, so perhaps you should do at least the whole Klingon story and a half of Romulan one besides patrols.

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Duty officers are selling like crazy right now.
DO NOT SELL. Duty officers.
Not even in your wildest dream. Just don't. Once you fill your DoFF roster with purple and blue DoFFs, sure, you may sell those puny white ones you don't use any more or upgrade them by combining or exchanging assignments, but you're new, stick to every asset you have and don't sell something just because you're not sure what is it used for but can be sold for a nice cash on the exchange.

rifter beat me to it... good thinking man!

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