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10-12-2012, 03:38 PM
This is not a completely bad idea, but I'd vote against it. Sorry. Grinding samples is very boring, and you're actually selling your future. There is a certain "set" of asignments that will later in the game drop ultra rare consoles on crits - those consoles can be sold for 20+ millions on exchange. How much is for example antiproton +30% one? IIRC last time I checked ppl asked 40 mils for it.
And you need rare samples for those asignments or to buy powered alien artefacts at exchange that are also expensive as hell.
More on the matter (do check notes pls):
Wiki is not updated, I believe the step #2 is removed from the game completely.

Even if you opt to skip that and craft consoles without doffs, you'll need "normal" samples.

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