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Originally Posted by darkstarkirian View Post
I could see this, but:
1. Selling [Starbase: Tier 1, 2, 3, etc] from the C-Store would mean 1 person only would have to foot the bill, which would work for those single players that want a personal starbase and have the money. This method might be incredibly expensive for one player thou.

2. An Upgrade Project that uses contributed [Starbase Modules] purchased from the C-Store that uprade the Base Tier, thus allowing multple players to contribute to the progress, but this could be as troublesome as the projects that require exotic requirements (ie Dosi Rotgut) if the fleet Leaders intent wasn't well expressed to their fleet before hand.

3. Similar to 2, but a Special project that works similar to regular projects (1000xp) but require the [Starbase Module] as it's requirement, thus making it optional and "out of the way" of regular and upgrade projects.
There could be multiple versions of this project:
3x modules - 1000xp to Mil,Sci and Eng
5x modules - 5000xp to Mil OR Sci OR Eng

Options 2 & 3, fit the PWE "Buy it or Grind it" method well especially if the SB Modules were tradeable like the ship modules are now.
That Good Sir is a very good idea one of which I hope they adopt ibn the Near future