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Originally Posted by cuatela View Post
Personally.... I like that it disables your energy weapons completely. I mean... it's basically a fire at will on overload. That's the equivalent of using the Dreadnought's phaser lance at every ship you're facing, and I've destroyed ships entirely just using the Lotus.

Now, the fact that it drains all instead of 75 is a bug, so they should fix the bug either way. Just saying, it makes sense to have weapons disabled, if only for a few seconds.
And I think we could live with it, but the weapons themselves state they remove 75 weapons power... not take our weapons offline.

It creates confusion, along with annoyance... so a decision needs to be reached either way. At least with a confirmation that it's a bug, or a simple description mistake, we can know where it stands. Then go on from there
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