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Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
One question about these logs. Do they include overhealing?

As thats a definte issues with BFI and EPtS, on the other hand the Borg set definetly never overheals that much because of what it takes to proc it.

Also hw did you get so many weeks of parses in one giant log like this?
That is exactly what i was asking, see my post above, BFI seems to work way differently and behave different then RSP or TSS keeping ur shields filled. I almost think that BFI keeps healing shields with full log entries even if only 5 points are eaten from your shields, like RSP doesn't even register in the logs AT ALL.

I'm not denying that BFI doffs aren't a problem for the overal heal/dmg balance in the game atm though, dont get me wrong, i just want all facts on the table.

So, did u test the overhealing versus other abilities and include this in your analysis?

Edit: Also, BFI is actually bugged atm, where it's effectiveness is currently based off your AUX power, the BFI healing still works if your auxiliary is procced and offline. And even switching powerlevels to max and use BFI while your aux is still offline procs it to the full effect of full aux.


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