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It's definitely not a cream-of-the-crop ship, but that doesn't mean it's terrible.

Being a heavy destroyer, think of it as a unique Raptor: good turn rate, can equip cannons for massive damage, but also has a couple of unique tricks to it. Plus two of it's Boff stations are Uni, instead of fixed, so you've got quite a bit of flexibility.

It's Regeneration Mode (default) gives you an automatic bonus to Auxiliary power, and your Shields System skill, so you're a bit more defensive than a normal Raptor. Plus you've got the Tachyon Inversion beam, which essentially steals shields off your forward arc enemies, and adds them to your own.

A bit underwhelming in practice, but better than nothing in a pinch. Only works in a 90-degree forward cone.

The Tactical Mode changes those bonuses, giving you more weapons power and a Targeting Systems bonus (meaning you hit harder and more often; always good). Then there's the Lotus ability itself, which after a few seconds charging, fires multiple Disruptor beams.

This ability is a BEAST. It can destroy the weaker ships almost instantly, or at least severely damage them... the only downside is the drain of all your weapon power for a few secs afterward, despite it saying it only drains 75. Hits a max of 3 ships at once in a 240-degree cone, starting from the front.

It's a good ship, even if it's not the best, imo. Both unique abilities above have a 5-min cooldown, so use them wisely.
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