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10-12-2012, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by carl103 View Post
One question about these logs. Do they include overhealing?

As thats a definte issues with BFI and EPtS, on the other hand the Borg set definetly never overheals that much because of what it takes to proc it.

Also hw did you get so many weeks of parses in one giant log like this?
Really on some of my ships the borg heal proc is hitting for 2200 a tick... it overheals all over the place...

Frankly the borg set was the worst set for balance ever added to this game. It completely destroys balance... how do you balance a game where people with the set get at least double the healing of people with out it.

The borg set was the biggest travisty ever laid on this game balance wise... at least prior to f2p not everyone bothered getting a full set having to run those dumb stfs... Now its defacto... I get it for every toon witih in an hour of hitting level cap... cause its just that OP. It would be nice to be able to run regular sets again... heck I havn't used a piece of aegis gear since F2P launched.

All other gear is obsoleted by the "retro" borg set. lol