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10-12-2012, 05:55 PM
I have the Tac Oddy, didn't consider getting the Regent. Main problem i have with the Regent when compared to the Tac Oddy is that both are same price, but Oddy gets higher hull and shields then other cruisers and 1 more console and the universal boff stations. Regent gets same console layout, hull, and shields as the free Sovereign so all you are paying for is one more Lt Cmdr tac ability at the expense of an engineering one, a underpowered torpedo and a weak console that takes up one of your only 9 console slots, and a unique skin.

Its just doesn't hold up as a 2500 zen ship, it might be worthwhile at 2000 zen but I probably still wouldn't get it.

I will stick with the Tac Oddy until the Fleet Assault Cruiser comes out, its everything the Regent should have been but isn't, a cruiser with increased hull, shields, 4 tac consoles, and an even more tactical oriented Boff layout.
Sad thing is the stupid Regent is probably the reason they have delayed releasing the Fleet Assault Cruiser for so long.

Don't settle for the lame mediocre Regent! Demand the Fleet Assault Cruiser be released now!