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DO NOT SELL. Duty officers.
Not even in your wildest dream. Just don't. Once you fill your DoFF roster with purple and blue DoFFs, sure, you may sell those puny white ones you don't use any more or upgrade them by combining or exchanging assignments, but you're new, stick to every asset you have and don't sell something just because you're not sure what is it used for but can be sold for a nice cash on the exchange.

rifter beat me to it... good thinking man!
Duty Officer system is comletley optional, its much easier to ignore the Doff system entirely and sell all your doffs except for your ones needed for active duty.

The rewards for Doff missions are rather insignificant, you can earn way more xp and dil just from doing mirror events, however the money made from selling all Doff immediatley is significant, he can have millions of EC before reaching level 50 just by running recruitment missions and selling all doff not needed for active duty.

You barely lose anything by ignoring the doff system, my main Fed character is rank 0 in most commendations but regularly makes and spends tens of millions of EC, caps dil refinement everyday, has all purple active duty officers and all purple gear. Ignoring the doff system does not limit your gameplay ability at all, it in fact gives you more options on how to make quick easy money for little effort.