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10-12-2012, 08:39 PM
It's pretty easy to generate doffs in large quantities thanks to the personnel contact. Even if you're actively loving the doff system, and a lot of people are, there's an easy million a week in recruitment while still building your roster by selling expendables, or high demand specializations with poor traits - packing your fleet starbase with emotional scientists has no penalty, but doing it on your own crew will give you failure traits on a bunch of good science missions.

And using an alt to farm recruitment is free money - you can hand pick any nice ones for your main's crew and sell all the rest for bank. Selling doffs for profit and advancing in the commendation system are not mutually exclusive goals. You're not going to be buying three attack pattern doffs or a Jem'hadar fighter doing it, but you'll be kitting yourself out with mk XI blues easily.

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