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How is doing missions you don't even get to activley participate in any fun? might as well play a board game or something. You guys are really making people miss out on easy money by making people think they have to do doff missions when they don't.

Duty officers (except for active ones) are exchange fodder to make money off of people that don't realize that ignoring this system in no way limits your gameplay experience, nothing more.
As the saying goes, "different strokes for different folks." The important thing, to me, is whatever means you have for obtaining assets/resources is something you enjoy. I find DOFFing to be a great lunch-break activity, for instance. And, for me, its a relatively easy way to make Dilithium solo.

Plus, honestly, its a personnel/time resource game - if it doesn't click with you, it doesn't click. For me, I'm usually trying to figure out what I want at the time, juggling assignments and DOFFs, etc. And, I enjoy it, which means I have, and will continue, to stick with it. I'll get where I'm going eventually.

But, like you, I'm selling them too. Just on one character, mind you, but that's only because I've got three characters actively doing things that earn me Dilithium, and one of them is doing Commendation stuff to earn me Fleet Marks in a relaxed fashion. This allowed me to pretty much blow 16 million EC on stuff my fleet needed, and pay out about 3 million EC in "bounties" to my fleetmates for drops I wanted (if someone is going to get my EC, figure I'd give my mates first crack than the exchange).

Again, the biggest thing is any long-term ways of making EC is that it needs to be something you enjoy. I know there are ways to make more, faster, than what I'm currently getting, but after playing MMOs for 6+ years, I realize it doesn't matter. I'll reach my goals! And I wouldn't recommend my ways for anyone who thinks its boring or uninteresting - it'd be a waste of their time. They'd be better off finding something else and going with that. Find what you like, go with that, and you'll eventually get the EC while having fun. My fleetmates love running all their Elite VA stuff - great for them. I'll pass :p
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