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Originally Posted by mewi View Post
I disagree, the borg 3 piece set is being used on like what? 90% of ships? The hull heal is insane from Borg set, the fact that it eliminates every other set in almost every build, makes it overpowered. "Sweet Spot" you become far more squishy when you use another set, far more. :/
The Borg set bonus has been an issue since day one. Even it's last nerf hasn't taken it off the must use list.

I'm going to really really kick myself for suggesting this, but how about splitting off the MACO shields energy resist and power link bonus so that it becomes part of a set bonus (and buff the grav beam while they're at it). Same goes for the KDF shield, make the placate and acc debuff a three piece set bonus. That may force a good few players to make some difficult choices.


Change the Borg heal proc so it's a four set bonus, forcing people to use the full set (including the much unused shield). After all, for a 2 piece set bonus, the heal proc is crazy powerful.

Argh, who am I kidding, people would just whine that it'll make the game too difficult.
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