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Every single ticket I have ever written about any problems I have ever had on and off since BETA, has never been responded to in a positive manner, ever. This is a new MMO record for me.

Might as well call it an "apology letter" when you respond to my tickets, maybe some flowers or something. I'm pretty upset especially since the latest issue, where I tried to send my D'Kora to the proper character and it magically opened and was then stuck now to my science officer alt.

How about that time when my KDF character was stuck inside the mission territory of the last DS9 mission, 2 months and the exact same response after casting tickets in "could you please give us more details".

Really? You would think after 6 tickets and 2 months of waiting about 7 months ago that something would actually happen, but that KDF character was stuck for 2 months with no real, human response.

After one of the patches down the road, my character was able to leave the mission territory, it was not something that was fixed due to my ticket.

I always try to just let things flow, just let small problems slide. But I am pretty tired of the cyborg responses to my tickets about some critical issues. Please move my D'kora to the correct toon or re-package the item so I can do it myself.

Enough apologies, you haven't given me a positive response since I starting testing this game

Also, you owe my fleet mate her Fleet Module.

Good Luck with that I told her.