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10-12-2012, 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by staxed85 View Post

I'm just getting back into the game after a while off and trying to get caught up.

Part of what I'm doing is finally putting some effort into getting the best BOffs.

My question: I know there are only 2 space traits for BOffs. Do these stack? Just trying to figure out if I need to get all 5 of my space BOffs to have these traits, or only 1 of them.

Also, can you get Leadership and Efficient on the same BOff, or is there only one or the other per BOff?


For ground, is there any traits that stand far out above others that I need to ensure I have on my ground BOffs?

I know Efficient stacks as i have tested it. When i get around to "perfecting" my bridge crew i buy Efficient Saurians to add to my Borg BO with the Efficient trait. The Saurians are much cheaper to buy now and come in several flavours now rather than just uncommon.

I am very interested in reading what other players have to say about Leadership as i know nothing about it.

It would be nice for them to add some more space traits for the game. Thanks for posting this!!