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10-12-2012, 10:17 PM
Originally Posted by mbomberdavid View Post
I know Efficient stacks as i have tested it. When i get around to "perfecting" my bridge crew i buy Efficient Saurians to add to my Borg BO with the Efficient trait. The Saurians are much cheaper to buy now and come in several flavours now rather than just uncommon.

I am very interested in reading what other players have to say about Leadership as i know nothing about it.

It would be nice for them to add some more space traits for the game. Thanks for posting this!!
from stuff I've read over the past few hours, Leadership seems to be broken (if anyone knows the current state of this trait that would be awesome).

For now I think I'm going to buy 5 Efficient officers (wish you could get Superior Efficient...haven't seen it though), and then figure out what type of setup I want for my ground crew.