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10-12-2012, 11:48 PM
Season 7's release date isn't anywhere near the release date of Star Trek Into Darkness which is only 7 months away at this point (May 13th, 2013).

I'm pretty sure They are already planning stuff for this game, to coincide and tie into, the movies release...
(granted it probably won't be anything major, but They'd be foolish NOT to take advantage of all the Trek hype and hoopla that'll be going on.)

Somewhere around Season 8 would be my guess...
I could even see them attempting to negotiate a deal to add some kind of FE or quick mission, that takes the player into and back from, the JJ-Trek Universe for a quick adventure...

Though more likely, it might only be a uniform, or a starship variant or some fancy console.

So NO, Season 7 Will Not be the end of STO.
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