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10-13-2012, 01:36 AM
Today the House of Aler acht'jar doubled its membership (that's right there are now two).

Had a good roleplaying going when technical difficulties cut us short, I apologize again for the connection issues. Finally finished the mines with this toon and still chugging along.

Welcome to the House Elisia@Captain_Teneal. I look forward to uninterupted roleplay tomorrow (Saturday).

I think I'll be using my low level toon tomorrow. We'll meet at the (very small) fleet space station to at least start. (1pm EST) if interested.

The House of roleplayers is always open for those who like story driven play. We have everything except you, so join us and live your character even if for just a few hours a week.

We will be including merging PvE missions, PvP scenerios, Fleet Actions, Foundry missions, and STF into our stories.

Casual players of all ages/genders.

The only rules are that you show respect towards others and DO NOT try to make roleplaying into a date/hook up environment. This is a story not a dateline.

Casual RPs can be located in Bars and/or space station.

Moderate/Heavy RPs will merge with actual in game missions.

All species found/created within the KDF faction.

You can play a merc, merchant, trader, or diplomat. It is your background.

Finally, feel free (not required) to share information regarding your character's story on these forums. Other players enjoy good reads once in a while.

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