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since my other thread got merged and is now never to get noticed i'll split it apart and post it in the appropriate feedback section:

- NO Federation Pin Stripes / Starfleet Logos (at all)

- lack of running lights (only 2 on the side of the saucer, both red, no green) there should be more on such a big ship.

- oldschool 2010 style, Weapon Hardpoint Pimples are back (less ugly placed than on the old launchday Ships, but still obsolete, i'd suggest some clerasil to finally get rid of them)

- Shipname + Registry Number only on the Saucer section, no identification details on the nacelles / struts / belly or anywhere else where you would normally expect them

- No Fleet Emblem (at all) [not sure if intended, but clearly inconsistent to not have it]

- The blue texture of the Deflector clips a bit through the inner circle while in regenerative mode.