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since my other thread got merged away into the depths of a feedback thread that isn't read by the appropriate people i've cut this part out and repost it here:

The Phaser Lotus power MISSFIRES ...a lot

let me explain the power first
first you see some sort of loading sequence where the big huge orange *phaser banks* glow, as in heating up.
then it rapid fires a few fat beams, really really fast (as you have probably seen by now).


You need to have a target,
that target needs to be and stay alive
or the power will just STOP.

i had it like 10 times now that i targeted an NPC Ship that was about to explode and wanted to use the Phaser Lotus as a finishing move, only to see the NPC explode before the "loading" sequence of the power was even finished and it did not fire at any of the other NPC Ships around me after that either.
You would expect it to work like Beam Fire at Will, so that it keeps shooting all other targets after the main target is gone, or without targeting any particular NPC, but it does not work out like that.

The good thing is that the power does usually not go into cooldown after missfiring, you just need to select the next target and fire again.

So its not like a huge issue, just slightly annoying because it's not a fire and forget power, you have to pay attention that it has enough time so it can do what it's supposed to do before the enemy explodes.

The Transformation Animation sometimes can get stuck.
I had this problem before on other Ships like the MVAM-Prometheus, the Odyssey or the Bortas'qu when they use their separation powers that the animation got stuck in one mode after a cooldown ended, and the button in the Powertray only produced a cloud of fog but did neither start or end the power correctly again.
(i have no reproduction steps for this, happens rarely and randomly)

In the last 2 days i have already seen this happening ONCE with the new 1000 day veteran Ship that it got stuck in attack mode and would not go back into regenerative mode but instead just make a sound, produce a white smoke cloud and the power did not do anything else, until i had to respawn.