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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Determine how much damage a cruiser should
Do compared to avg escort

Eng/Cruiser.....add buffs
Tac/Escort.......add buffs

Bring up the % of damage the Eng needs
Tied to his slated ships to desired goal
How does this fix this issue? We're talking about The CMDR Excelsior performing just as well for damage output as it's RA counterpart and (minus a little cap) shield tanking just as well also... This has nothing to do with cruisers in general, well it does if this is not a malfunction of some kind then it says that Cryptic/PWE/People of authority really doesn't care for cruisers and (minus a few exceptions) haven't given them any real upgrades since CMDR rank... which I actually find hard to believe.

I have already suggested better ways to reduce the damage gulf between the average cruiser and the average escort but everyone (Except Biteme. though even he didn't say anything about it) ignored it. See the PvP forums if you're interested