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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Not sure. I maxed out my skill points on that one, then on top of that added 3 sci consoles boosting me about an extra +80 skill points total, and using Grav Well 3 (fired with high aux levels), it still barely slows down most borg probes or spheres... I have to eject warp plasma on top of it to get any real damage.

From what I've heard they totally nerfed sci skills, including grav well, before I ever rolled a sci character, so I don't know what it was like in the good old days, I just know NOW it's still pretty weak.
Then you're doing something wrong,i've never had a problem holding probes or sphere's with GW3 even on elite,and my build seems to be almost the same as yours...

Yes they nerfed Sci,but I still have fun playing ping pong with the Borg

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