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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
new week, new "buff cruisers" thread. This time with a slight deveation in the topic, but the usual suspects comment in the thread.

why would a t5 need a buff based on the assumption that a t3 does the same dmg?
that t5 has 2 additional weapon slots and BOFF slots.

i'm not even entirely sure about those i said before, and i say it again. plz use the numbers that are presented in the weapon tray...not "on-hit" numbers, since on hit numbers can be blured due to resistance etc.

pretty sure the weapon tray numbers will be higher on the t5 than on the t3, due to the 3rd tac console. "on-hit" numbers are subject to many other diminishing factors, range being only one.
But at the same time the "on-hit" numbers are more realistic because they take that into account but at the same time how do you account for both ships as configured above producing the same figures?

Also with regard to your "new "buff cruisers" thread" complaint, this was an experiment, I documented my findings thought to myself "This can't be right", tested again on a player ship's bare hull at the same distance (give or take 0.05km) and came up with the same results. so here I am asking for peoples ideas of how this could have come about, chances are like flekh said, it's probably just a console malfunction but if it's all working properly then there IS something wrong with the ship... the can be NO other explanation under the test circumstances

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