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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
But at the same time the "on-hit" numbers are more realistic because they take that into account but at the same time how do you account for both ships as configured above producing the same figures?
they are more realistic, but impractical for any kind of comparison. and why shouldn't the t3 cruiser with same weapons do the same dmg? (ok despite the 1 less tac console)
a couple of STF runs is not the place to make accurate measuremant (said that the last time you postet that in another thread) thats why i find it more than doubtfull that they produce the "exact" same numbers.

but as i said, compare the numbers represented in the weapon tray...make a screenshot (you must use this command /screenshot_ui_jpg)
compare both numbers, and post it here again (you must hover over the weapon to highlight it's dmg numbers)...if they are exactly the same.
Open also the status window of both ships, so we can have a look at your exact config.
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