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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
So if people shouldn't listen that has to include you, right

Made me laugh, sarcastic own goal there sport
it was a warning that if devs listen and cater to every little thing it can ruin a game for example, counterstike now has a ban system that if u get d/c you get a 5 min ban, if it happens again you get a 30, if again then 24, then 1 week.

This was what players wanted for competitive scene and the forum people were rude and not even well thought out with requests.

lets take the pvp change also people didnt even try the changes and they whined so much that devs are changing it back, and now the pvp players dont want that since they played it(me included).

I think devs could make a change and playeys should have a week-2 weeks unless if it breaks the game.

And please remember guys Change is constant, maybe not always needed but always constant.
hope I made a point

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