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10-13-2012, 04:50 AM
Noone said doff system is essential, noone said it's not optional.

What I said was NOT to sell doffs BEFORE YOU KNOW WHAT ARE THEY ABOUT. Please reread my post.
And a new player level 24 can't know what are they about. It also looks a half a year experience player thinks doffs are only to add to the ship/ground skills and that's it. Really? You really think everyone who is on assignments is silly/stupid/cretin?

In any case, by suggesting him to sell doffs now, you're trying to leave him without options. Not just me, but some others suggested Tour the Galaxy event not just because you get mill or two per run, but because you invest nothing, you sell nothing and you can't possibly ever regret doing it.
Sure, and for example, once he learns that one purple Klingon Chef is better than 10 white ones, he'll buy the purple Klingon Chef with the cash he grabbed on the Galaxy Tour as purple klingon chefs are cheap, replicate dozens of Klingon Octopus for 20EC and sell them for 5000EC each, etc and such stuff, and he'll also sell those white chefs. Or will combine 5 of them into a green DoFF who might turn to be an explosive expert fit for dilithium assignments. Or a green nurse with resolve trait? Or whatever great for daily assignments. Just please let him learn the game before he makes a move of selling something that can be very useful later.

Originally Posted by chikahiro View Post
Again, the biggest thing is any long-term ways of making EC is that it needs to be something you enjoy. I know there are ways to make more, faster, than what I'm currently getting, but after playing MMOs for 6+ years, I realize it doesn't matter.
This. I agree 100%. But to know what you'll enjoy, you can't just sell stuff, try crafting, maybe it's your thing? Try doffs, maybe you're in it completely? Try mission replays for 200K items you can sell to NPC, it's not a bad cash earner, right? Just don't sell everything you can and then think "everyone has to sell, sell and just sell".

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