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10-13-2012, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by eurialo View Post
yesterday I spent some time re-building my wells so:

universal lt cmd: TT1, TS2, TS3
eng ensign: EPtS1
Universal lt: HE1, TBR1
sci lt: HE1, TSS2
sci cmd: PH1, TSS2, GW1, GW3

It works good as support ship and based on combatlog, in a CSE I had 7500dps :D

but using torpedo is easy to deal a great damage if your target has no shields... not so easy if your target has shields. :(
I like it much better. :)

Personally, it would be hard for me to justify 2x hazard emitters, though. You sometimes really do need 1, but 2?