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Originally Posted by rifter1969 View Post
The first thing that comes to mind is the Tour the Galaxy event.

It doesn't come up very often, compared to the other events, and i think you need to be a Vice Admiral, but i could be wrong on that point...

But, basically, you travel through all the sector blocks in the game and you 50k EC for each faction space that you clear.

StoWiki has a very good article on the event.

I run through it when ever I can get a chance to catch it.

Hope this helps..
As a relatively new player (been playing for about three weeks), I can verify that you can do this as a low level player and you should be doing this, in addition to the other things you are doing, as often as you can. Was it a lot of credits? No. But hey, it's free credits just for flying around the galaxy.

The amount of sector blocks you will be sent to will be lower as a low level player, but, this also means you can complete it more than once during the event. As you level up, each time you take the mission, you will be sent to more and more sector blocks. Since you don't get the slipstream until Vice Admiral, you may not be able to complete it multiple times, but you will get more credits as a higher level player, too.