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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
This isn't an argument that has anything to do with cruisers whatsoever. I can pull similar DPS numbers on a Tier 3 escort to that of an unwrapped VA MVAE, because weapons don't "downgrade" depending on the ship they're mounted to. In fact the Excel keeps the same shield mod too no matter which flavor it comes in, so if you strap a MACO shield to the Tier 3, it'll be exactly the same as that of one strapped to a a Tier 5 (go ahead and try it).[/QOUTE]

Well you shouldn't as the MVAE has more consoles and boff skills so the ships should have some difference in damage

Basically it's dishonest to compare Tier 3s to Tier 5s, especially from the perspective of a fully-levelled/specced character. The Tiers are designed for levelling (when you wouldn't have had nearly as many buffs and various boosts and skills as you do now), not for comparing in retrospect.
Like I said in my opening post, I pulled the old one out for a laugh (not to compare them) and it performed (damage wise) as well as the RA version which shouldn't happen as the RA has an extra console and an extra tac boff skill.

If the ships performed differently to each other then I wouldn't be here talking about it, but according to my test results the extra tac console and boff skill had no effect. If the previous analysis is correct then the third console needs a fix.

On this occasion I'm not asking for a general buff to cruiser damage but the extra console and boff skill should put distance between two ships regardless of tier and if the console is working then there really is something up as the ship is dealing 24.4% less damage then it should.