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" I urge all of you to drill and train for even the long shot scenarios. Mathematically, with the current population of the Federation being what it is, a one-in-a-million event happens several thousand times daily."

-Ben J. Ezrat, in his training aide "The Efficient Captain"

In deference to her Klingon heritage, Starfleet allowed Captain K'ordala to carry personal weaponry on her at all times. In deference to the beings under her command, she kept it at a reasonable 3 knives, 2 single-shot disruptor devices, and an aerosolized electro-plasma dispersal unit. All this made her need an extra second or two before sitting in her command chair. As she settled in, she glanced idly at Zil, her first officer.

"Zil, please send over a message to the Anvil expressing my thanks for a wonderful lunch with Captain F'uw. And did the Service leave system safely or has Captain Bafters had a warp pylon crack and fall off or any other such trouble?

"I have already sent a message to Captain F'uw and the Anvil, and Captain Bafters managed to leave system without a distress call or any such trouble. For once.?

K'ordala admired how easily Zil was anticipating her these days. Of course that meant she would have to get Zil her own command soon before certain unfortunate Klingon instincts dealing with subordinates wanting a promotion took over. "Helm," she said, turning her chair to the front of the bridge. "Set a course for the Komstan Rift. Ahead Warp 5"

The helmsman nodded. "Course laid in for the Qomstan Rift, ahead Warp 5."
K'ordala frowned. She snuck a glance a Zil, who also seemed concerned. "Helm, please confirm, course laid in for the Komstan Rift."

Now visibly nervous at being questioned, the helmsman checked his control panel. "Confirmed, course set for Qomstan Rift."

Immediately, K'ordala and Zil glanced at each other again. Quietly, K'ordala whispered, "Zil, do you hear it too?"
Zil nodded her head. "Something about the quality of his voice, a little quirk or quaver that I just cannot quite identify."
K'ordala nodded in agreement. "I hear something there too. I can't quite quantify it either. But I am starting to have some questions. Zil, please don't quibble at my next order, no matter how quaint or Quixotic it may seem. I am going to check our course at the helm station. Refrain from sitting in the command chair please."

Zil gave a quizzical look at her Captain, but quenched the query she had forming on her lips.

K'ordala took a quartet of strides toward the helm console, then quickly spun and let her biggest knife continue the motion, flying towards her command chair. Rather than hitting the chair as expected, the knife seemed to quit moving a few inches from the chair, quivering as if it was imbedded in something invisible.

K'ordala smiled a feral Klingon grin. "Hello, Q."

The knife seemed to rise of its own accord then clatter onto the deck. A voice seemed to come from its direction.
"Kapla' K'ordala"
After a few moments things seemed to return to normal. Zil approached K'ordala. "So that was the infamous Q?"

K'ordala nodded slowly. "I think so. The signs were similar to what we have come to expect from that miserable...thing. It seems to be gone now though. Zil, you have command, I will be in my quarters."

"Aye-Aye, Captain. Is there anything I can get for you?"

"The only thing that sounds good right now is a quality quiche, quickly."

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