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10-13-2012, 07:42 AM
Gecko would say something like:

"Urrrr herpaderp derp derp!" Translation as I am quite fluent in Stupid Speak: "I AM GECKO MY MATH IS NEVER WRONG! THIS IS ALL A LIE!"

Also Hilbert, repost your BFI #s too You deleted the link when you put up EPTS.

I hope you don't mind me inserting some #s here of my own. I'm working on doing weapon tooltip data correlation.

But in the mean time. Here is why brace for impact is broken.

at full aux, when you smash it, you end up with an 11k Shield heal.
To put this in perspective the best shield regen in the game (borg) at full shield power only regens a little less than 6k shields in that same time span.
ST3 at full consoles heals around 5k shields in every 15 with either Two copies of ST3 or 2 dev lab scientist.
Transfer Shield Strength 2 heals for around 4500 after 15 seconds on average at full aux.

Who seriously thought this was a good idea.

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