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Feel free to use any of these. You can alter the uniforms as you see fit. I'll put some character info in as well, but I'm not married to any of it, so if you use them, write them as it fits your story I'll be fine with anything as long as you don't kill them off, lol.

The first is Rear Admiral John Ellis:

He's only been recently promoted and while he may be young, he's shown he can handle tough situations. He commands the U.S.S. Pandora, an Odyssey class.

Next is Rear Admiral Ken Beckett:

He's half-human half-Vulcan, but tends more toward his human side. Quick to anger, but a fair commander. He's in charge of Starbase 63.

Then we have Admiral Tamara Petrov:

She's a severe and sometimes cold woman, but always does her duty and always gets results. She's in charge of Artificial Intelligence research at Utopia Planitia.

And last we have Rear Admiral Joseph Kline:

He's a personable and affable man off the clock, but is all business when he needs to be. He's the head of Astrophysical Research at Starfleet, which often involves liason work with the Daystrom Institute.

Enjoy. Anyone else who reads this is free to use these guys as well.
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