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I was bored.

The Q

Borg attacking, Klingons warring, maintenance and manifests:
Captain's life is hard and boring, far removed from cadet dreams
Long I toiled, stylus tapping, o'er the mountain of reports
'Til I lay down, temples throbbing, tired to my very seams.
Suddenly there was a presence - up I started, stifling screams!
"Captain!" Q laughed. "Troubled dreams?"

Damn him thrice, that noisome cherub. Now my sleep would have to wait
For whatever bloody errand brought him here, or so it seemed
Eagerly I wished him gone now, vacant from my sanctum here.
I pulled up my sheets around me, glaring at him phaser beams
'Til Q laughed and snapped his fingers, dressing me by godlike means.
"Hmf - you've nothing I've not seen."

"Q," I grumbled, "What's it this time? Can't you leave me to my rest?"
But I felt a rising terror; Q's visits were often grim:
"Have you brought a new opponent? Want my ship for your damn tests?"
Q leaned back and shook his finger: "Now now, captain, don't be mean,
"I am here to give you warnings," Q said, beady eyes agleam.
"Something's coming, unforeseen!"

Tiredly I rose from my bed, resting my face in my palms
"Coffee, sweet," I muttered; and the replicator filled with steam.
"Tell me, then, and get it over." "Not so fast, my capitaine!
"I will show you, as I owe you - after all, I'm on your team!"
He flashed and was in Starfleet red - captain rank, as was his theme.
"Come along - don't spill your cream."

Out in space, and yet still breathing, coffee splashing from my cup -
Free-fall twisted in my stomach. "Dammit Q, don't be obscene!"
But he turned me by the shoulders, 'til I saw the planet Earth
And above it, myriad boxes, plummeting towards Earth downstream
"Q! What have you done!" I stammered. But he said, "T'is no Q scheme.
"This is now a new regime!"

"Can we stop them?" said I grimly. "Tell me that there's still some time."
"Lockboxes," he said unsmiling, "can be stopped by no known means!"
"Borg, now this?" said I harshly. "If not yours, then whose are these?"
"Your Federation stopped the Borg, no? You can weather... PWE."
Q returned me to my cabin, then he vanished in a gleam
Leaving me to troubled dreams.

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