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10-13-2012, 09:48 AM
Could have sworn the KDF ships sacrificed something to install that innate cloak, but here's my quick spitballed suggestion:

Make a craftable cloak console that works on anything, but is "experimental" - read, unreliable and has a longer cooldown than the cloaks in game currently. Could alternately have a time limit or a power drain component... something to make it inferior to the current consoles/innate cloak.

Make a Very Rare, difficult DOff mission that uses multiple crafted cloak consoles to make a special account-bind-on-pickup Battle Cloak console.

The Battle Cloak console alone should be worthless. Give it a base hull, shield, and crew % based debuff (doubt it could disable a BOff slot), and the ability to upgrade any *other* cloak into a battle cloak - a crafted experimental cloak console becomes an experimental Battle Cloak (with all the problems of the experimental cloak), a C-Store or Innate cloak becomes a straight Battle Cloak, and an innate Battle Cloak becomes an Enhanced Battle Cloak.

I might also suggest that the T5 Tactical Escort and it's variants and the Dreadnought Galaxy-X be converted to having an innate cloak (and lose a console slot), OR that the KDF ships be converted to using and coming with a character-bound (non-experimental) cloak console (but gaining back a console slot as a balance point to do so - this is my preference!). I'd also love it if you put a crafted Experimental Cloak Console on an Oberth it could pass through solid objects, but if the timer/power runs out before it is safe on the other side it blows up.

Basically, if you want a Battle Cloak, it should cost you (or me) a (additional) console slot.
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