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Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
I heard that I could ask another player to train one of my boffs in an ability I don't have access to. Is that true or a myth?
Its true, but be careful on who you do it with, like make sure its a true friend (ingame or not lol ) or a fleet member as they will not try and rob you for your stuff.

And when you go to do it you need to make sure your gear is off of the BOFF your getting trained and you would need to trade it to the person to train it for you then he / she can trade it back to you.

In case you ask

1) Open your BOFF stats.
2) Strip all its gear off (Shield, Armor, Gun, Devices)
3) Do not close BOFF Stats screen.
4) Open Trade window with Fleet member or Friend
5) Drag and drop the BOFF to the Trade window
6) Hit accept, and wait for the Other person to hit accept
7) Wait and hope he doesn't log off and disappear with you toon
8) He will re open the trade window, and place the BOFF in it again
9) Hit Accept, and Be happy your BOFF is trained
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