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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Not sure what Cryptic is planning, but the Suliban homeworld is supposed to uninhabitable. So unless there been some miracle in restoring the ecology of the planet in the last 100 years, it's likely going to be a place that we need EVA suits.
Looks like there will be several places for EVA suits. Galorndon Core, a geologically unstable, barely habitable planet where prolonged exposure of humanoids to the intense magnetic fields result in synaptic breakdown... I'd say I'd want a EVA suit there, even if they aren't required...

Originally Posted by direphoenix View Post
All playing those missions during the featured timeframe does is give you bonus rewards, not cut you out of content for not playing during a certain hour.
Can you say Nukura?


Some other issues of note:
  • Carraya System - should be in Romulan space
  • Archer System (with Archer IV) should be near Sol one would think, not in Klingon space
  • Nimbus seems to be well out of place as it was located in the Neutral Zone and founded after the Federation-Klingon War (So I doubt it would be that far into Romulan Space, even with the Romulans participating)