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10-13-2012, 11:06 AM
I haven't used it in a PVP match yet, but I've run it through ESTF's using both a set of Phaser Beam Arrays and a full Phaser Cannon setup and its an excellent ship for it. The console allows for a very quick alpha strike that can strip a Tac cube's shield facing (I've managed to get two to come down completely at once) and bring it down to ~80% health in the less than 10-15 seconds it takes to fire the Inversion beam and then switch to the Lotus and fire that. Then just wait for my power to start coming back, pop a weapons battery, and I'm good to go. If I time it right, I can virtually do two alpha strikes in a row, with only the 2-3 second window where my weapons go offline, and I usually use that time to prime my buffs.

Also, Idk if its just me but it seems to me like the Beam arrays get a slight bonus when you put em on the Chimera. I've used the same beams (+the same tac consoles) on my Mobius and they never seemed as effective as they are on my Chimera, which thus far have proven as equally effective as my DHC's/Turrets are.