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10-13-2012, 11:10 AM
Let's just say that the damage increase promised by consoles is pretty much a lie.

First, it adds additive with all other +damage% increases (from skills), but that's to be expected. That means you get a fixed amount of damage for each console. Which is actually happening.

But that's not all:
I just tested it on my Sci, with Mk XI purple BAs (base damage: 217.7) and Mk Xi blue consoles (+26.2%).

at 55 power, each console increased the damage by 29.4 (13.5% of base damage, 12.3% if normalized to 50 weapon power)
at 123 power, each console increased the damage by 54.6 (25.1% of base damage, 10.2% if normalized to 50 weapon power)

... I don't have an explanation for THAT one.

Basically, another console adds about 10% real damage, far from the promised numbers.
Which explains your original observation: The increase in weapon power and energy damage from EPtW1 to EPtW2 cancels out the additional console, completely.
Why and how? No clue. I'd need to do some more math to come up with a model for the actual increases, from which I could reverse-engineer the actual mechanics.

TL;DR: console damage increases as shown are ... very optimistic.